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New Year, New Name!

Mazel Tov!  New Year, New Name!

From now on, you can call us SHIFRA. While our legal entity remains In Shifra’s Arms, now we are doing business as SHIFRA

Why?  We want to be easily memorable to the women who are searching for our support. Having a one-word moniker makes us more accessible. For simplicity, we often have shortened our name to ISA- letters with no meaning. SHIFRA maintains the core meaning of our name.  

Why Now?  As we head towards #ShifraShabbat, on January 14th, we are expanding our reach to the Jewish community. 

Why SHIFRA?  Shifra was the midwife in Egypt who protected the Hebrew mothers and babies from Pharoah’s sinister intentions. One of our clients wrote a spoken word poem called In Shifra’s Arms which reflects the connection between our work and the biblical figure. Like our namesake, SHIFRA aims to be brave and nurturing- empowering our moms with unique services offered nowhere else in the Jewish community.