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Shifra Shabbat 5784
January 5, 2024




#ShifraShabbat is a national campaign to raise awareness about unplanned pregnancy crises in the Jewish community. The campaign coincides with reading Parshat Shemot, the first weekly Torah portion in the book of Exodus, on  January 5, 2024. This parsha introduces Shifra, the namesake of SHIFRA, who supported the Jewish mothers in Egypt by delivering their babies against Pharoah’s decree. 

Help us raise awareness about our modern-day SHIFRA’s work to provide personalized and compassionate care to Jewish women with unplanned pregnancies.  


  • Visit to help moms in crisis.
  • Download our flyer to share with your synagogue, clergy, or Whatsapp group.
  • Follow, Like, and Share our posts on Social Media 
    • Instagram @Call_Shifra  

What does #ShifraShabbat teach us?

Pregnant woman lighting Shabbat candles

Nothing causes more celebration in the Jewish community than welcoming a new baby. But sometimes, for a variety of reasons, when a woman discovers her pregnancy, she feels anxious, upset or depressed, instead of happy. 

In 2023 we have helped twice as many moms as in 2022. Since October 7th, we have seen an increase in emotional stress.  Now, more than ever, it is critical for the Jewish community to support women and families struggling with unplanned pregnancy crises.  

ShifraShabbat is an opportunity for everyone to help inform pregnant women in crisis about the financial, material and emotional resources available to them. Sometimes – we don’t know that our friends, and neighbors are struggling. Sharing a post about our organization, putting up a flyer in a Mikvah, or in a place in your synagogue could make a huge difference for a woman that is struggling.  

The primary reasons we see that make an unintended pregnancy a crisis are: 

  • Financial concerns: How could I afford a baby now? 
  • Emotional overwhelm: How could I handle having a(nother) baby given…[my stresses with other children, my tiny living space, etc.]? 
  • Unstable relationships: How can I have a baby when my marriage/relationship is unhealthy, unstable, or abusive? 
  • Coercion or abandonment: How can I have this baby when my partner and/or family won’t support me? 

Know someone struggling with an unplanned pregnancy crisis now? SHIFRA can help. Call SHIFRA to refer a client. 

How Does SHIFRA Help?

Over the last decade, SHIFRA has worked with Jewish women across the country to navigate these types of crises. We are the only Jewish organization doing this work in the U.S. (There are several similar agencies that do this work in Israel.) 

Our clients come from all corners of the Jewish community. About half — including married and unmarried women — are affiliated with the Orthodox community, while the other half are affiliated with other movements (Conservative, Reform) or are unaffiliated. Some clients who call are considering abortion, while others have ruled out abortion and are just seeking resources and support. Everyone is treated with profound respect and unconditional compassion. 

We are available to collaborate with any rabbi concerned about any congregant. Together, we can expand the resources available to her in her time of need. As a member of the Network of Jewish Human Services, SHIFRA regularly collaborates with Jewish social service agencies, domestic abuse agencies, Chesed funds and rabbis across the country to support our clients. 

SHIFRA offers five core services: 

  • Free professional counseling 
  • Material aid 
  • Financial aid 
  • Community referrals 
  • Lifetime access to free parenting & personal growth classes 

Read more about SHIFRA’s services

Like any taboo topic, publicly acknowledging the reality of unplanned pregnancy crises within our synagogues and communities can help those struggling with this problem. Recognizing unplanned pregnancy crises in our communities can prevent a woman from feeling isolated and give her hope. Raising awareness demonstrates to women in crisis that they can lean on our community and that we will respond with compassionate assistance, not judgment. Raising awareness also lets women know about resources they might otherwise be afraid to ask for. 

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