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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about our organization.

If you have more questions, you can contact us.


SHIFRA is governed by a Board of Directors primarily located in Chicago, New York, and the greater Washington, D.C. area. Our counselors can work with Jewish women anywhere in the United States or outside of Israel.

Pregnant women or concerned friends or family should call the SHIFRA helpline 1-888-360-5872 

or text our text only line 646-632-8457. For all other matters, please call our main office at 202-573-7611 or email us.

Our focus is on Jewish women because no other agency within the Jewish community is meeting this need. 

However, we do take non-Jewish clients if we feel that SHIFRA is the best fit and there isn’t a local non-Jewish agency that can help as well as we do.


Every single one of our counselors has 20+ years of experience and a master’s degree in clinical social work or a Doctorate in Psychology. 

Our professional counselors are skilled at creating a safe emotional space for our clients. Their counselor’s role is to help you process your feelings, articulate your needs, and connect with your strengths. What’s special about SHIFRA counseling is the continuity. The same counselor who takes your crisis call will be available to nurture and empower you throughout pregnancy until your baby’s first birthday. If your pregnancy ends by miscarriage or termination, she is also available for sensitive follow-up.


SHIFRA’s offers unique emotional, social, and financial resources that often make the impossible feel possible. We encourage you to explore our resources before making your choice. If a SHIFRA client chooses adoption, we do not facilitate the adoption, but we do provide prenatal and postpartum birthmother support. If a SHIFRA client decides to end her pregnancy, we do not facilitate that process, but we do provide sensitive follow-up support.


SHIFRA staff do not act as adoption facilitators. In the case that a mother would like information about adoption, we educate her about options and refer her to outside adoption facilitators, (such as Jewish Children’s Adoption Network or Embrace a Jewish Child), or an appropriate adoption agency.

We are not affiliated with any Jewish denomination and instead seek to be a resource for women across the Jewish spectrum. The membership of our Board, volunteers, and donors reflect a diverse group of Jews, (from unaffiliated to Orthodox), who all care about helping pregnant women in crisis. We do not provide religious/halakhic guidance but do support clients to speak with rabbis they are comfortable with if they seek this. We are not affiliated with any other agency. We collaborate with a range of social service agencies and Jewish community organizations including domestic abuse organizations and employment assistance organizations. If you have further questions about how we operate, please Contact us now.

We always are happy to hear from you!  

  • If you work in Jewish communal services, email [email protected] to arrange for SHIFRA staff training 
  • Share SHIFRA marketing videos on Facebook, Instagram, and Jewish communal list serves
  • Email [email protected] to order materials to distribute at Jewish communal location

Pregnant women or concerned friends or family should call the helpline: 888-360-5872, or text our text-only line: 646-632-8547. For all other matters, please call the office at 202-573-7611 or email us.