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The Fraida Nathan Counseling Fund
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Fraida Nathan Z”L SHIFRA Counseling Fund.

The Fraida Nathan Counseling Fund (FNC Fund), dedicated to Fraida Nathan Z”L, of Blessed Memory (June 12, 1954 – October 29, 2022), will honor Fraida’s legacy by providing crisis and supportive counseling in her memory. Specifically, the Fraida Nathan Counseling Fund will be used to help SHIFRA Moms overcome unplanned pregnancy crises and attach and bond with their babies before and after birth.

*  100% of profits support Jewish women in crisis

About The Fraida Nathan Z”L SHIFRA Counseling Fund.

On May 9, 2024, In Shifra’s Arms (SHIFRA) launched the Fraida Nathan Counseling fund in memory of Mrs. Fraida Nathan. Watch the event here. or visit

The extensive professional accomplishments of Fraida Nathan Z”L directly reflected her personal qualities that shined throughout every facet of her life. Her compassion, authenticity, and wisdom both made her an outstanding clinical social worker and therapist as well as a beloved wife, mother, and grandmother.

As the first counselor for In Shifra’s Arms (SHIFRA), Fraida pioneered and developed SHIFRA’s unique methodology for empowering Jewish women to overcome their unplanned pregnancy crises.

Though Fraida is missed deeply on SHIFRA’s team, her influence and legacy continue. Her SHIFRA legacy lives on through the moms she guided and nurtured through crisis- some of whom now mentor other moms.

Her SHIFRA legacy also lives on through babies that were born because Fraida provided their mothers with the support they needed. As of May 2024, those SHIFRA kids range in age from 20 months to 10 years old. They live across the United States and at least one abroad.

SHIFRA will also continue Fraida’s legacy by establishing the Fraida Nathan Z”L Counseling Fund. This fund will provide crisis and long-term counseling that helps SHIFRA clients attach and bond with their babies. B”H the counseling funded will continue to reflect both the approach Fraida pioneered and the values she held so dear.

We are grateful to the Walder Foundation for a generous $100,000 commitment to the Fraida Nathan Z“L fund over the next three years.