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Hi. I called In Shifra’s Arms (SHIFRA) because I was in an abusive marriage and I had a nine-month-old baby when I found out I was pregnant. So I was considering abortion. And I really thought I would go that route. 

And I Googled …Jewish pregnancy and abortion, and In Shifra’s Arms (SHIFRA) came up. So, I called them. And, my counselor was the most helpful thing to me…  

My counselor was priceless. I felt like I had nobody in the world, and my counselor… I don’t even know how I survived that time without her… I’m here today, and my children are here today because of her… she gave me the strength to realize that I had the strength to be able to do this.  

And so that’s why I ruled out an abortion.  

And counseling was the most important and most helpful thing to this day. I’m here because of my counselor. And I know that.   

(SHIFRA is) also very generous. They gave me a stroller when I needed it. And throughout the time that I was with In Shifra’s Arms (SHIFRA), they sent me those nice little care packages and just things to make you feel like, you know, somebody cares about you, and that was really…meaningful and …helpful to me throughout that time.  

Motherhood is a very long, rough journey and I like all mothers [they] can use all the help they can get. And when you’re in a pregnancy crisis… you need people to support you. And that is why I think In Shifra’s Arms (SHIFRA), is just such an amazing organization.  

I am so grateful that people have donated to them to make this organization exist. It’s priceless for me… I always tell my friends… I wouldn’t be here without In Shifra’s Arms (SHIFRA). 

I don’t even remember the year after my son was born, it was so hard for me. I don’t know how I got through up. I got through it with my counselor. She’s amazing. She really cared.  

I had a lot of crises throughout that time of my life, and she was always there for me… The whole team was always gathering resources for me to help me realize that I could get through.  

It was so helpful and fun. It’s such a big deal to donate to this organization and really it’s the most helpful organization I’ve ever had any experience with. And I really hope to give back to them one day. And if you have the ability to give to them, you would be saving so many lives. So that’s what I have to say. Thank you so much.    


*Actual client account with name changed to protect privacy