Shana tova (happy New Year) from ISA!

We are so excited one of our clients shared her story publicly for the first time.

Eliana (she used a pseudonym to protect her family’s privacy) explained how In Shifra’s Arms helped her through an unplanned pregnancy in her article, “Abortion, grief, and second chances.” Here is an excerpt:

“It’s my moment of truth. Last time, I felt pressured to abort, this time the stresses are even more intense. Yet despite all this — this baby feels like a miracle…

“I decide to keep my baby. I am not going to let my fear and worries make my choice, for I can have faith in myself and my future even though I don’t have all the answers to my problems yet… The fantastic ISA staff and volunteers became my angels — my parachute.”

We are privileged that our team members were Eliana’s angels — we are grateful every time we get to help someone. We want to help as many women as possible in the coming year. Eliana’s article is currently the most popular post on The Times of Israel’s blog, and it has been shared over 650 times on Facebook — we hope if you are reading this, you will help spread the word further by sharing and commenting on Facebook!

Speaking of helping, for those who want to join us, now is a perfect time to make a donation. Even better, make a monthly commitment this year.

But most importantly, If you need us, we can only help you if you call. No obligation, no cost — just call, text or send a message!


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