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Unplanned Pregnancy?
We are here for you.

If you are considering abortion or are in crisis because of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, we’re glad you found us.  If you planned your pregnancy and then a crisis hit (like a job loss or breakup), we are also here for you.

SHIFRA (aka In Shifra’s Arms) is a unique Jewish support network dedicated to nurturing you through crisis and empowering you to thrive.

You Can Lean On Us.

If you just need to be heard, we are here to listen.  You can receive help for just an hour or for many months — you choose.  If you terminate or miscarry, we always provide sensitive follow-up and post-pregnancy referrals.  If you want a team to lean on during your unexpected motherhood journey, we are here for you.  We provide free professional counseling, financial grants and material aid, and a lifetime of parenting support.  Our services are always totally free and confidential.


Custom support for your needs


We help Jewish women from every background.  Our clients are both single and married, unaffiliated and Orthodox, ranging from late teens to early 40s.  We work with women in North America and abroad (outside of Israel).  We don’t have a ‘cookie cutter’ approach.  Our long-term help is based on what you say are your biggest needs and goals for your journey.  While we do not facilitate adoptions, we do provide specialized financial aid and support to women who make that choice.

Need more resources and support?
We think you deserve them.

But only you can make the call. 

But only you can make the call.