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Unplanned Pregnancy Crisis?

If you are in crisis because of an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, we’re glad you found us.

If you planned your pregnancy and then a crisis hit (like a job loss or breakup), we are also here for you. 

We are the only Jewish organization in the US dedicated to meeting your needs.  We’re here because Jewish women should be able to count on our community for confidential, caring support through crisis and beyond. 


 You can lean on us if you are feeling overwhelmed, scared, worried. 

And we will walk with you as you find your way forward– as long as you need us.   


If your pregnancy ends with miscarriage or abortion, we provide sensitive follow-up and referrals. 

If you have your baby, we have intensive support available including free professional counseling, financial and material aid, and a lifetime of parenting support.    

Whether you want our help for one hour or for many months, it’s up to you. Our services are always totally free and confidential. It begins with a simple call or text to schedule a phone or video-chat appointment with one of our professional counselors. 

You aren't alone


Our small, grassroots organization feels more like a warm, caring extended family than an agency.

We help pregnant Jewish women who are single and married,  unaffiliated and Orthodox, ranging from their late teens to their early 40s.  We work with women anywhere in the U.S., as well as Canada and abroad (outside of Israel) if needed. We don’t have a ‘cookie cutter’ approach- our help is based on what you say are your biggest needs and goals.

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Concerned about a pregnant
family member or friend?

How We Help


If you just need to be heard, we are here to listen. If you want a team to lean on during your unexpected journey, we are here to support you. You can get help for just an hour or for many months — you make the call.



“Because of my history with chemo and cancer, I shouldn’t have been able to become pregnant. My new husband pressured me to end the pregnancy. My marriage began falling apart. Amidst that crisis, you offered me help in ways I least expected and most needed. My son is a precious treasure. He reminds me that nothing is impossible.”
Sarah, ISA Client
"A week after I discovered I was pregnant, I discovered I was having a miscarriage. Nevertheless, Fraida continued to counsel me through the miscarriage. She offered information, guided my thinking, and worked with me to find a local counselor. I wouldn’t wish this experience on my worst enemy. Nevertheless, if G-d forbid a friend or family member is in a similar position, I would recommend ISA without hesitation.”
ISA Client, NJ
“There are no words that are adequate to say thank you. ISA's emotional and financial support were essential to be able to proceed with our pregnancy. In Shifra’s Arms allowed us to keep our family afloat in an incredibly challenging situation. Thank G!d we now have a healthy baby girl..”
Dalia, ISA Client
“My mother was really, really ill when I became pregnant. I was stressed and I didn't know what to do, being on my own and single. I cannot thank you for being there for me at my lowest point and helping me push through. I realized I really could do it if I choose to. I love being a mom. The best is every time I watch my daugher learn something new. .”
Erin, ISA Client
"The counseling made a huge difference in my life. When I reached out I felt like I couldn’t handle being a single mom of a toddler and a newborn and was exploring all of my options. Speaking with Fran regularly made me see my pregnancy as the blessing that it was and helped me to feel empowered and ready. I also received unexpected care packages while pregnant and once my baby was born that had such useful things in them. Your organization clearly goes above and beyond to help pregnant women in need."
Serena, ISA Client
“I felt hopeless when I called. I was considering abortion in the back of my mind, but was afraid to say it. Your counseling made the biggest difference. Now my baby boy is here and I can't stop telling him how much I love him. The best is when he smiles right back! ”
YB, ISA Client
“I was able to receive diapers monthly, which helped out greatly when the baby was born. I received some lightly worn maternity clothing, which was very helpful. I received great counseling from one of the counselors. I feel each of these aids contributed to my life greatly. The counseling I received, was far most the greatest help, and significantly changed my life for the better.”
Maya, ISA Client
“When I called [In Shifra’s Arms], I didn't know what to do, but I knew I wanted to keep my baby (and not abort). The help was life-changing. [ISA] helped me be prepared on things my baby needed her first year...I was even able to save some money up for after she turns one... thank you for everything!”
Leora, ISA Client
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