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Opening Our Arms Wider


We are pleased to announce that we reached our fundraising goal! In the last week of February, we received $5,000 in donations, which was kindly matched by an anonymous donor. Thanks to our generous donors and the matching campaign, we raised $100,000 from November through the end of February.

At our Annual Gala on February 10, we launched the Amy Kass Mother of Valor Fund, in memory of Amy Kass. Amy was known as an outstanding teacher and mentor dedicated to the primacy of family, so it is a fitting tribute that mothers across the United States will receive loving support in her memory, through this new fund. The proceeds from the fund will help pay our professional counselors, so we can continue to offer one-on-one professional counseling to our clients, free of charge. This counseling is designed to help each client navigate through her challenges and work towards a flourishing future for herself and her child.

This is the first time In Shifra’s Arms has raised so much money in a single campaign. Now, we have the resources to support more women with unplanned pregnancies — anywhere in the United States. We are opening our (metaphorical) arms wider to support more women across the country.

Thank you for your continued support, and stay tuned for our upcoming campaign!