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Table covered with blue decorations and treats with a sign saying "BOY."

Client Testimonial: Ilana

Spring 2019

MAZEL TOV!! It’s a boy!

We are delighted to share a testimonial from Ilana*, one of our clients on the West Coast. She and her new husband (they married after she became pregnant) welcomed their new baby boy into the world in March. Keep reading to learn how ISA helped Ilana, in her own words.

*Note: In Shifra’s Arms uses pseudonyms to protect our clients’ anonymity.

How ISA Helped Ilana

Why did you call In Shifra’s Arms?

I had an unplanned pregnancy out of wedlock. The father of my baby has two daughters from a previous marriage and has financial responsibilities that would make it extremely hard to support a new child. In addition, I was fired from my job (my contract was terminated immediately after I told them I was pregnant). I was pregnant for 2 months when I reached out to In Shifra’s Arms.

How was ISA most helpful?

Fran, my counselor, has been amazing. She’s so supportive and encouraging. She has been helpful in disclosing all my options for help from ISA and has been so sweet and kind.

ISA has lifted a financial burden and also helped me mentally … The first help I got was a care package with a gift card for maternity clothes. It brought me so much joy and relief to be able to buy maternity clothes. In addition, I was given a grant for postpartum help. Since I have no family local to help out, knowing I can hire someone to help me is an amazing feeling. I was also given a diaper stipend which lifts a huge burden financially.

It’s an amazing organization and any pregnant woman in need can benefit from the support ISA provides.

Baby feet sticking out from under a striped blanket.
“In my arms. Pure heaven.” – Ilana, March 2019

Can you tell us a little about your baby, and what you’re enjoying about motherhood?

Thank G-d I gave birth to a big baby. He was born 10 lbs 3.7 oz. I wanted a chubby baby and got one. He’s such a good boy and so cute. This is my first child and motherhood is a big change. But he makes it all worth it. Spending my days and nights caring for this little guy is so rewarding.

What is your advice to other women with unplanned pregnancies?

Don’t give up. Don’t feel like abortion is your only option. Support is out there even if you don’t feel it right now.

What is your message for ISA counselors and volunteers?

Thank you so much for all the support and encouragement. You all can’t fathom the impact you made on my life.

What is your message for ISA donors and Prospective donors?

ISA is an important organization for the Jewish community. It supports the foundation of Jewish life, bringing children into this world, and helping the mothers doing it. We appreciate ISA more than you can imagine.

A Note from the ISA Team

To join our efforts to help more women like Ilana, please donate online or mail a check to:
In Shifra’s Arms
PO Box 7212
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Have a meaningful and beautiful Passover!