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Amy Kass Mother of Valor Fund


Thank you for donating to In Shifra’s Arms!


*  100% of profits support Jewish women in crisis

About the Fund

The Amy Kass Mother of Valor Fund, dedicated to Amy A. Kass, of Blessed Memory (1940-2015), will directly support the counseling services In Shifra’s Arms provides.

We offer professional one-on-one counseling to our clients throughout their pregnancy and the year thereafter. This counseling is designed to help each client navigate through her challenges and work towards a flourishing future for herself and her child.

Clients receive counseling free of charge, but the monetary value of this kind of investment in a single client is more than $5,000. The proceeds from this fund will help pay our professional counselors.

About Amy Kass

Amy Judith Apfel Kass taught for 34 years at the University of Chicago. As Senior Lecturer in the Humanities, she introduced generations of students to the great works of Western literature and philosophy, winning several awards for excellence in teaching.

From 2004 until 2015, Dr. Kass was Senior Scholar at the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., where she led seminars on American citizenship and on philanthropy. Her scholarly research focused mainly on these general areas: courtship, marriage, and family; the idea and practice of philanthropy; American identity, American character, and civic virtue.

She was married for 54 years to Leon, with whom she had two daughters and four granddaughters. As Amy was known as an outstanding teacher and mentor dedicated to the primacy of family, it is a fitting tribute that mothers across the United States will receive loving support in Amy Kass’s memory through the establishment of the Fund in her name. Donors will receive updates each year on the women’s lives they are touching.


Your donation delivers… 

We offer free professional counseling, financial aid for maternal and baby goods, and a lifetime of parenting support. 

We also provide sensitive follow-up after miscarriage or abortion. 

Your donation delivers both tangible aid and priceless kindness.  

The tangible: the care packages, the diapers, the baby equipment, the maternity clothes, the gift cards, the financial aid grants.  

The priceless: the moments when our client discovers she doesn’t have to do this alone. The moment she feels that she has more strength than she realized. 

$36 = Three hours of babysitting for an overwhelmed mother.

$54 = One important baby item, like a carrier.

$72 = One gift card for maternity clothes.

$180 = Three hours of one-on-one crisis counseling and support.

$360 = One care package and one month of one-on-one crisis counseling.

$720 = One-year supply of diapers.

$1,800 = Sponsor one woman throughout her pregnancy. This provides her with 15 hours of counseling, a care package and a financial aid grant.

$3,600 = Sponsor one woman throughout her pregnancy and the year after birth. This provides her with 30 hours of counseling, pregnancy and postpartum care packages and two financial or material aid grants.

By design, In Shifra’s Arms (ISA) can deliver our unique services wherever she is, on her terms. Through care packages, and free counseling, financial aid and essential goods, we put our love into action.

You can donate here with a credit card or by mailing a check to

In Shifra’s Arms: PO Box 7212 Silver Spring, MD 20910